For 20 years my clients have given me the opportunity and gift of being able to do what I love. Thank you! Frederic

For repair of your furniture, ceramics, and gold leaf. Call or text Frederic: (561) 309-5092 or, email me at frederic@rarerepair.com

Where to Find Us:


(561) 309-5092 Feel free to text me


Email : frederic@rarerepair.com

By appointment


im an artist who specializes in the restoration of antiques. Furniture ceramic and gold leaf. Ive enjoyed this work for 23 years.

Please visit my collection page to see some of my current art. Thank you.

Your furniture and art objects can often be repaired in your home. Call me for an appointment.

I'm online, please come see my Twitter page, Google+ page and, YouTube channel.

Just type rarerepair.com in your browser.

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